Sunday, May 28, 2006

my rainy thoughts

I am eagerly waiting for the rainy season to come. I never thought that rain had any effect in my life until I moved out of this Kasaragod-Mangalore coastal belt. In my entire life, it was just one year I was away from this western coast. As I was in Chennai throghout the last year, I learnt that how much I miss the rainy season. The thunderstorms, the chilling nights when I prefer to sleep with all my body covered; and of course the baths. True, it is very inconvenient if it rains when you are full dressed up and ready to go out. But the joy it brings when you are in your casuals!!. To enjoy the rains, you should just stand in it, feel its soothing touches. The one thing that I like most is to lie in water when it rains (In our village, there are many wells in the paddy-fields that overflows throghout the rainy season; For around 2 months these are our bathing places!). It sure will be a feast to your ears. You can hear all sorts of music as the intensity of the rain drops changes from time to time. Hope the rainy season comes in time, this year (another 2 days!).